Episode 026

A libertarian path w/ Nicolas [RO]

In which we sit down and talk with writer Nicolas Trifon, about his political path as a militant libertarian in the ‘60 and ‘70s Romania, and then, after ‘77, about his involvement in different anarchist actions and initiatives, in France.


In today's episode we talk to Nicolas Trifon about his political journey as a libertarian socialist activist. Nicolas lived and became politically involved in Romania in the 60s and 70s; then, in '77, he emigrated to France, where he has been prolific in various anarchist groups and initiatives to this day. In the first part of the episode we talk about the time he spent in Romania, the resources and the possibilities of challenging the system that existed at the time. In the second part of the episode we talk about his work in France, in particular his involvement with Iztok (a libertarian socialist magazine dealing with Eastern European issues) and Radio Libertaire (the radio of the French Anarchist Federation), as well as the various initiatives he took part in, from solidarity with the worker Vasile Paraschiv to his interest in the Solidarity trade union in Poland. We end the episode with some reflections on the present, the political scene in France and the prospects for the radical left in Europe.


Nicolas Trifon – A Libertarian Socialist Journey, Pagini Libere (2020)

The "Iztok" Romanian language brochure What Do the Anarchists Want? (1981)

The collected Iztok (1980-1991)

No. 3 of the Anarhia magazine (2012)

Documents, recording, interviews from the international anarchist meetings in Venice (1984):

Artwork by Cristian Grecu (check out more of his art at the link below or try to find him hidden in various places all over the Internet)

Intro/Outro: La Canaille -- Le Soulèvement Aura Lieu
Music used in the episode: Krav Boca -- Fumigène


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